5-6 April 2022


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About the Event

This event is meant to showcase any projects during Tech Week.

It’s been a fun ride this past 2021-2022 market.

From parabolic NFT’s to DeFi advancements- regardless of your forte, this is the place to be. Meet companies, artists, and projects from all around the globe. 

Learn how to successfully launch a project or mingle with your favorite people in the industry. 

2- days filled with speakers, panels, vendors, exhibitors, booths, and parties of course 😉

Can’t make it in person? Join us in the Metaverse!


Our bench of speakers include Founders, Innovators, Entrepreneurs, Creators, and Badass community members in the space 😎

Kenn Bosak

CEO of NFTs, Creator of

Eryka Gemma

Co Founder of Miami Bitcoin Center and VC

NFT Ignition

Fame Lady Squad Co-Owner

Miss Teen Crypto

Influencer & Gen Z educator

Mark Anstead

Co-founder of

Gabrielle Pelicci

Director of Communications at Blockster

Michael Ghen

Captain of

Crypto God

Crypto Promoter and Crypto Trader

Crypto Stache

NFT Gamer & Metaverse enthusiast

Sergey Gordienko

Do What You Love Artist

Corey Cottrell

Founder of  The Uplift World

Miggy Crypto

Co-founder of Kryptic Crypto 

Rodrix Digital

Journalist and Documentary filmer

James Haft

Chairman of DLTx

Maryrose Fealey

Founder of 4 The Younger Me

Joelly Gloria

Head of Marketing at Edge Wallet

Paul Bradley

COO of

Ann Shin

Managing Partner of SQF Fund


Journalist and Content Creator For Rice TVx

Juan Paniagua

CEO of NeftyBlocks

Scott Maples

President and CEO of Meta-g, Inc.

Mckenzie Camilus

Crypto Culture Influencer & Educator

Tone Vays

Derivatives Trader, Analyst & Digital Scarcity Maximalist

The Blonde Broker

Host of Two Girls One Trade

Bitcoin Ben

Host of the Bitcoin Ben Show

Rafael LaVerde

The Crypto Vigilante 
Crypto Economics Analyst and CoFounder 

Steven Ward

CEO of VyFinance

Bitcoin Jae

Bitcoin Daily Influencer & Educator

Nathan McCrorey

Creator + Global Ambassador for Yoshi Drops

Mike Olthoff

CEO of CoinCards


Influencer from The Juice Team

Litecoin Leader

Finance wiz at
Crypto Confidential

Alyze Sam

CEO of

Sarah Endline

Harvard Business School & The Harvard Innovation Lab

Bill Randazzo

Co-founder and Developer at Fecoliths

Rob Mackey

Co-founder of Fecoliths

The NFT Gorilla

Selling a toilet NFT for 1 million dollars


Host of the papajo show

Demelza Hays, Ph.D

 Director of Research at Cointelegraph

Brad Abrahams

Artist and Co-founder of Fecoliths

Mike Salvi

Haha for Hire, Metaverse comedian


Trekk Smart Consulting LLC

Gabriel Haines.eth

Influencer, Founder of Clipto

Kalen Gaston-Smith

Founder of NFTV 1

Joseph Mckinney

Founder of Catawba Digital Economic Zone

Brian Christensen CEO

Lance Kriete aka FR33LVNCE

Co-Founder of Magic City Apes DAO & Serum Sippers Anonymous

Serviver Man

Independent Artist and Project Manager 

Paula Reina

CEO of

Alexander Mazzei

Co-Founder of

Ely "Glassy" Beckman

Co-Founder of

Timothy J Ruppel

Business Development at

Andreas Papageorge

CEO and Founder of Mirage Sale

Code NoKYC

CoFounder of BluntDAO
President of Minority Programmers

Bradley Allgood

CEO of

Oliver Gale

Co-Founder of

Budd White

Founder of Tracen

Bijanca Star

NFTea Time with Goskhkstine Media

Shekinah Apedo

Founder/NFT Advisor

Erik Mendelson

Cryptocurrency Realtor 

Ledrop WithCheese

Celebrity NFT blogger

Franklin Johnson


Capitan Haiti


Aisha Makara

 dowhatyoulove dao Art Manager

Daniela Ciocca


Sebastien Perez

Founder of

Py Patel

Pieceofthepy Show

Ashanti Hernadez

Founder of HotGirl.DAO 

AJ Affleck

Founder of Stickman Saga and GEN3

Matt Quinn

Starfish Network

Our Partners

Shitcoin Conference would not be possible without our partners in the Crypto community and their contributions to the event.
Check out our Sponsorship and Exhibitor options.


Hey Shitcoiners!

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Presented by- Magic City Ape DAO